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Our Services

At Chiltern Hearing we offer a comprehensive hearing consultation and assessment. 

A full history will be taken alongside a thorough examination of the ear. If any excessive wax is present, that can be removed as part of this appointment. Following the assessment, we will have a detailed discussion on the options available to you.

​We also offer a hearing aid consultation. If you require a new hearing aid or have an old hearing aid which needs to be repaired, this can be done by our experts.

We are pleased to offer you a bespoke treatment plan tailored according to your needs. Please call Chiltern Hearing to book your appointment today.

Microsuction is the quickest and safest method of removing ear wax from the ear canal. This treatment usually takes 15 mins for each ear and in almost all cases causes no discomfort or pain.

Unlike ear syringing and other more traditional treatment techniques, the audiologist can see inside the ear at all times making your microsuction treatment as safe and thorough as possible.

​We also offer custom hearing protection:

  • Noise plugs

  • Custom sleep plugs

  • Swim plugs (children and adults)

Call Now: 07516 014 460

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7 days a week 9AM – 5PM

(Evening appointments and home visits are also available upon request)

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